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HP's newest multifunction printer includes a built-in DVD drive

The C8180 multifunctional printer is an excellent choice for photo enthusiasts. It prints high-quality text and photos at a heavy price: the printer is s...l...o...w. If you always choose quality over speed, the c8180 will be a worthwhile addition to your

The HP Photosmart C8180 isn't cheap, so we wouldn't recommend you throwing down $400 for this multifunction unless you're an amateur photographer who needs a top-notch printer and won't mind waiting more than a minute for each photo.

We just finished testing the C8180 (full review), and we were impressed by its built-in LightScribe drive. LightScribe is a direct disc-labeling system that uses lasers to burn an image directly onto the disc. The LightScribe system is meant to eliminate the smudges and peeling that inevitably happens with sticker labels, and the fact that Hewlett-Packard decided to include this proprietary method in the c8180 speaks to the popularity of the media. Feel free to insert your opinion: do you use LightScribe yourself or do you prefer the old sticker way?

Unfortunately, the c8180 isn't without its faults. First, there's no auto-document feeder, so forget about scanning and copying stacks of paper. Second, the printer is so slow that we recommend you pick up a hobby to occupy your time while you want for the tray to spit out your photo. We ran our standard speed tests and the c8180 couldn't even print one photo per minute! The standard rate came out to about .66 photos per minute; like we said, slow. Good thing the prints themselves look great because HP would have to be crazy to think that anyone would wait more than a minute per photo if it were anything less than flawless.