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HP's new R&D direction sounds like 5 years ago

Why not just say that "we only know about printers."

As HP Redirects Its R&D Toward Big Results one would expect to hear something new and exciting, or maybe some clarity about what the company is planning to actually do. Instead we get a fantastic array of buzzwords from the last 5 years.

1. Mobility
They project that use of computing devices must seek to become seamless, so that users are transferring information and working within a familiar interface as they move beyond their offices. Information will continue to explode, so capturing and storing information will be less important than analyzing and delivering the right information at the right time.

2. Cloud computing
"Cloud computing is taking off," said Robison. Instead of depending on faster and faster personal devices, users will start to depend on the network cloud to deliver personalized services, based on where they are and what they're doing, he said. "Software as a service is just getting started," he predicted. In the future, "everything is delivered as a service."

3. Crowdsourcing
HP is going to try to find new ways to tap the insights and intuitions of people outside its halls by calling for ideas or requesting a design from a group that may not be known to HP but is rated highly by other users of its services. "Crowd sourcing," where professional services are solicited on the Internet, is "going mainstream," Robison predicted.

Maybe it's the paraphrasing in this article, but it sounds like HP is really behind the times.