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HP's massive 18-inch HDX18 moves up to the 16:9 club

Read the review of the HP HDX18.

HP's new HDX18.

If it seems like we're seeing more and more 18-inch laptops recently, that's because we are. Behind the scenes, the catalyst is that the companies that make the glass for laptop and television screens would rather make one style of panel, rather than two (16:9 for TVs and 16:10 for laptops). Hence, systems such as the Acer Aspire 8920 and Sony Vaio AW, with 18-inch 16:9 displays.

HP already makes some of the best multimedia laptops, so we were pleased to see them get into the game as well, with the new HDX18. We've just reviewed this multimedia powerhouse and liked its touch controls; big, bright screen; and credit-card-style remote that fits into the ExpressCard slot. Naturally, it includes a Blu-ray drive, which matches up perfectly with the 1920x1080 display.

Read the full review of the HP HDX18.