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HP's iPaq to have mobile EDGE

Hewlett-Packard's hw6500 pocket computers will handle wireless e-mail functions using Cingular's mobile network.

Hewlett-Packard's iPaq hw6500 series of mobile handhelds will be compatible with Cingular Wireless' network, the companies announced Tuesday.

Access to the Enhanced Data for GSM Environment, or EDGE, network operated by Cingular will allow consumers to use wireless e-mail and other applications, the two companies said.

HP iPaq with an EDGE

Beginning Oct. 31, Cingular will be the only wireless carrier for the new handhelds. The devices also feature a built-in global-positioning satellite receiver, a built-in keyboard and Bluetooth connectivity.

Cingular will sell the hw6515 model, featuring a 1.3-megapixel camera, and the hw6510, which comes without a camera.

The iPAQ hw6500 series will be available at Cingular outlets and HP's online shop for $449 with a two-year Cingular service contract. Unlimited data service is available for $39.99 per month with a qualified voice plan, the companies said.

For notebooks, tablet PCs and handheld devices, the two companies are working with 14 application providers to develop mobile applications such as mail, messaging, GPS navigation and security. Test versions of some of these applications are available for download.

"HP is simplifying the path for customers who are eager to add mobility to their lives but (are) wary of the complexity and technical challenges," Ted Clark, senior vice president of mobile computing at HP, said in a statement.