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HP's desktops get a down-low makeover with new CPUs, webcams

HP’s new Pavilion All-in-One desktops are updated with new CPUs and pop-up webcams for home or school use.


HP's new Pavilion All-in-One desktops feature a more powerful performance and improved display functions. 


HP is quietly updating its Pavilion All-in-One desktop series with new 24- and 27-inch models that include newer CPUs, a thinner design and a pop-up webcam that can be pushed out of sight for privacy.

The new HP Pavilion All-in-One desktops are part of HP's back-to-school push. According to the company's blog post announcement, these models feature a more modern look than last year's older All-in-One Pavilion desktops. They're 40 percent thinner, with a 1080p resolution and an edge-to-edge touch display that's meant to satisfy the needs of family users as well as students.


The new pop-camera is only visible when in use.


There are less obvious improvements, too, like updated seventh-generation Intel Core i-series processors (or optional AMD processors), a new privacy camera that pops up into sight only when in use, plus facial recognition through Microsoft's Windows Hello system, which has also become popular among higher-end laptops. Sound also gets an upgrade -- with new audio-tuning from B&O Play and front-facing, fabric-covered speakers for a more living-room-friendly look

These new HP Pavilion All-in-One PCs start at $749 in the US (there's no official international launch yet, but that works out to £575 or AU$945) and should be available to order now.