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HP ZR30w review: Is 'typical' still good enough?

The HP ZR30w has excellent performance, but does it have enough features to warrant its price?

That panel hides the footstand to end all footstands. Josh Miller/CNET

While 30-inch monitors are nothing new, they are fairly rare. In the last year I've reviewed a grand total; however, in October 2009 I reviewed the HP LP3065. How fitting then, that more than a year later, I find myself making time with another HP with a 30-inch screen, the ZR30w.

The ZR30w is as typical as 30-inch monitors get. Excellent performance, but scant on features and options. Disappointing, especially next to the yet-to-be-reviewed Dell UltraSharp U3011, which has onscreen display (OSD) options coming out of its ears. Not a typical trait for 30-inchers.

It's obvious the 30-inch monitor section is maturing, but can the ZR30w possibly keep up on performance alone? The full review has the answers you're looking for.

Anyway, the monitor hub has aggregated information on all things monitors at CNET. Kind of like a...hub. Yeah, it's like a hub.

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