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HP ZR2740w review: Melting your face, one pixel at a time

If you're a PC gamer looking to improve your gaming experience without (completely) breaking the bank, you may want to consider HP's 3.3 million pixel upgrade.

If it wasn't for multiplayer and a need to play with my Xbox Live friends, I'd totally be getting the PC version of Mass Effect 3. I still may get it, cause of the pretty. Eric Franklin/CNET

Let's talk a bit about the effect an incredibly high-resolution screen can have on a video game's presentation. And by video game, I mean PC game.

Thanks to powerful video cards, many PC games are capable of running at resolutions that dwarf what console-only owners are accustomed to.

Most PC gamers however don't get to experience the face-melting experience of a 2,560x1,440-pixel resolution and higher screen however, because of the usual high prices of extreme definition (XD-2560x1440) and extreme high-definition (XHD-2560x1600) monitors.

By offering an XD monitor for about $700, HP changes all that with its ZR2740w. It's difficult to convey just what a difference such a high resolution makes, but the difference is obvious and potentially dangerous to the integrity of your face.

While the ZR2740w contains no OSD and has limited connection options, it offers 3.3 million pixels packed into a 27-inch screen at the most affordable price yet.

Get all the gory details in my full review for the HP ZR2740w. Oh, there's also a video of the monitor in action so be sure to keep your eyes shut, if for some reason you're not into face-melting.

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