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HP TouchPad launches 15 July, fails to thrill in our review

We've finally finished reviewing HP's new tablet, the TouchPad. The verdict? We're not hugely impressed. Click through to find out why.

We've finally finished reviewing HP's new slate, the TouchPad. The verdict? We're not hugely impressed.

We felt like an outsider in the tablet world when we were using the TouchPad. It's not an iPad and it's not an Android device -- it's all out there on its own, using the webOS software.

That's not to say we don't like webOS, though. It handles multitasking really well, thanks to its intuitive 'deck of cards' system, which shows open apps in a scrollable list of large thumbnails. Notifications nestle charmingly at the edge of the screen too, keeping you informed of what's going on without intruding into your current activity. It's a lovely balance.

The TouchPad also supports Flash, so you can watch videos online without any trouble. Video is kept moving along smoothly by a 1.2GHz, dual-core processor.

The device rather lets itself down on the looks front, though. Its chubby, plastic back doesn't come close to matching the sleek aluminium body of the iPad 2, and its fairly hefty weight means that holding it in your hands can become a strain.

If you're after a good selection of apps, the TouchPad isn't for you. There are far fewer apps available for this tablet than its competitors, and we had difficulties in downloading and using the ones we could find.

HP is really going to have a fight on its hands to convince users to plump for its slate over an iPad 2 or Android tablet. The attractive user interface is unlikely to be enough to make up for the chunky design and meagre selection of apps.

Head on over to our full review, and then let us know what you think of the TouchPad in the comments section below or on our official Facebook page.

 Update: The HP TouchPad will be available to buy from 15 July. It will set you back £399 for the 16GB model or £479 for the 32GB model.