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HP tools now Web-friendly

Hewlett-Packard is bringing its OpenView management software into the Web era in the hopes of rekindling sales.

Hewlett-Packard (HWP) is bringing its OpenView management software into the Web-based management era in the hopes of rekindling sales of the network management package.

The new Web tools will be incorporated into the next Unix-based versions of Network Node Manager, IT/Operations, and IT/Administration, due in July of this year. HP said a detailed road map for customers will be available next month. OpenView is one of the leading management platforms based on the Simple Network Management Protocol, but some analysts see the industry moving toward an easier Web-based model with the ubiquitous Web browser serving as a common interface.

The Web will play a starring role in the revamped OpenView feature list. New tools will allow an administrator to include any system or network device that contains a Web server in a topology map of their network. An administrator can then add a management agent by simply clicking the server icon on the map.

The new tools will also allow management of Novell IPX and Media Access Control-based devices. New features will also allow an administrator to manage a server located outside a company firewall, such as a Web storefront for e-commerce applications.

Like other management tools, such as those from Tivoli Systems, HP will also allow administrators to view performance and status information of systems, applications, and networks via a Web browser.

HP is also addressing management of desktops via previously announced integration of OpenView with Microsoft's Systems Management Server desktop management suite. Agents will also be available for Windows 3.11 and Windows 95 desktops that gives administrators a view of interaction between desktops and servers to judge performance.

HP also plans to enhance the OpenView correlation engine to allow administrators to troubleshoot problems in real time. Other elements of the rollout will include support for the Desktop Management Task Force's Common Information Model, which creates a central repository for management information. An inventory tool based on the CIM specification will debut next year.