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HP to debut Blu-ray HD DVD combo drive

HP is the first to offer dual-format Blu-ray/HD DVD drives.

Hewlett-Packard began its HD video-purveying life as a member of the HD DVD camp, but come Wednesday, two of its Pavilion desktops will take a more inclusive position in the format war by offering internal dual-format Blu-ray/HD DVD drives. We've seen certain high-end home theater PCs with one Blu-ray and one HD DVD drive crammed into the front, but as of May 9, HP will be the first to offer a hybrid HD drive.

This chart outlines what HP's hybrid HD drives can and can't do. HP

The two models offering the drive, the Pavilion Media Center m8010y and the Pavilion d4890y (both Intel powered), will be available as configurable options only via HP's online store. We have a call into HP to find out about pricing and what this might mean for its current desktops and laptops with plain-old HD DVD drives. If we find out anything good, we'll come back with an update.