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HP takes another stab at desktop pro printer

HP takes another stab at desktop pro printer

PMA 2006 - CNET covers the show
After the resounding silence that met its first foray into the enthusiast/pro photo printer space, the Photosmart 8750, HP valiantly tries again, this time having learned from its past mistakes. The new model, the HP Photosmart Pro B9180 Professional Photo Printer, claims a zippy rate of 1.5 minutes for a 13x19 photo and 10 seconds for a 4x6. I've seen HP's New Math for the snapshot models when it comes to print speeds, however, so I'll reserve judgement on the printer's actual performance.

The new model offers a lot more color-management tools, however, including a printing plug-in for Photoshop. HP also assured me that it comes with its own driver, rather than the multipurpose one that accompanies all of its consumer products. Plus, the company announced a variety of new fine-arts papers to work with the B9180, which always tickles the fancy of creative types.