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HP shocks and awes, Dell and Toshiba leaks: The week in laptops

HP, Dell, and Toshiba product releases for the week of June 9, 2008.

HP Voodoo laptop
MacBook killer?

This week belonged to HP, which announced 50 new products on Tuesday. Highlights include a Voodoo-branded MacBook challenger and a semirugged EliteBook. All the Pavilionsand HP Compaq business notebooks got a little sprucing up, too. The company is no doubt hoping its "shock and awe" product release strategy will help it maintain its grip on the No. 1 spot for notebook sales in Q1.

The No. 2 spot belonged to Dell, which is planning a mini Inspiron to compete with the likes of the Eee PC. This week saw information leaks about Dell's new 8.9-inch Netbook, which will reportedly be called the Dell E. A 12-inch version, called the E Slim, is also rumored to be in the works.

Meanwhile, Asus kept its fingers in the pie by releasing the 10-inch Eee PC--in Taiwan. Some lucky buggers have already posted video of the unboxing.

Other product news this week: Toshiba looks poised to revive its Qosmio brand with at least one gaming system, and MSI unleashed a boatload of new laptops.

Also worth reading: 2008 is predicted to be a peak growth year for laptops; new company EverSpin Technologies thinks MRAM is better than flash; and college student Ben Arent cooked up the Jive, a hacked Dell Latitude designed to keep technophobes in touch with friends and family.

Finally, we got a backstage tour of the tech at the NBA Finals in Los Angeles, where we learned that the league's scorers and statisticians rely on no-frills ThinkPads.

Have a great weekend!