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HP says Voodoo Envy 133 now shipping, hints at new product

Voodoo co-founder Rahul Sood plays coy on the Voodoo blog about a product the company is developing.

Custom HP Voodoo Envy 133

Hewlett-Packard said Tuesday that the Voodoo Envy 133 laptop introduced in June, is now finally shipping to customers.

It's HP's version of the Lenovo X300 or the MacBook Air: incredibly thin and pretty to look at. It was introduced as part of an elaborate product rollout at a high-profile event in Germany.

The Envy is a good example of the kind of design chops and credibility Voodoo brings to HP. When HP bought Voodoo a few years back, the enthusiast PC maker became HP's gaming PC unit, which made sense, especially after Dell bought Alienware.

But soon after the Envy was announced, HP said it was folding Voodoo into its consumer PC line. It doesn't seem like HP wants to draw a distinction between gaming PCs and regular PCs anymore, and we wondered what the future of the Voodoo brand was at HP.

But it's still hanging around, and Voodoo is also trying to stir up some buzz, if a post by Voodoo co-founder Rahul Sood to the company blog is any indication.

In a blog titled, "Good things happen in threes," Sood talks about the Envy shipping, and a new contributor to the blog, but gets all mysterious about the third "good thing."

"There's also this other thing we're working on right now. Actually, on second thought--forget it. I'll save it for another day. This week's good enough as it is," he writes.

Sooooo, dear readers, what could it be? Chime in with your guesses in the comments.