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HP rolls out new printers

The home printers include new photo resolution technology, which blends ink to create better-quality images.

Hewlett-Packard today announced new low-priced printers, as well as a DeskJet Web site to support the new products.

The home printers introduced today include the HP DeskJet 712C and 697C. The 712C features HP's new Photo Resolution Enhancement (dubbed PhotoREt II), which blends the drops of ink to create images closer in quality to photographs, a bonus for digital camera users.

"These products are the first in a new family of home DeskJet printers," said Antonio Perez, general manager of HP's Consumer Products Group, in a statement, adding that more DeskJet printers for the home are expected later this Fall. The 712C prints up to 6 black-and-white pages per minute and 3 color pages per minute, and is expected to retail for $249.

The entry-level DeskJet 697C, prints 5 black-and-white pages per minute and 1.7 color pages per minute. For better quality photo-printing, an optional HP Photo Cartridge is available for the DeskJet 697, for $39.

The printers, which replace HP's DeskJet 670C, 672C, 692C, and 694C, ship with a software bundle that includes PrintMaster desktop publishing suite, Professor Franklin's Instant Photo Effects, and Microsoft Picture It Express.

The new DeskJet Web site includes information on support, new products, and supplies.