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HP rolls out high-end printers

Hewlett-Packard introduces a new line of laser printers designed for the networked office.

Hewlett-Packard introduced a new line of laser printers today designed for the networked office.

Equipped with a 100-MHz processor, the four LaserJet 4000 models print 17 pages per minute at 1200 dots per inch. The printers come with HP's UltraPrecise cartridge, which packs 10,000 pages' worth of toner.

For remote printer monitoring and management, the 4000 family features HP JetAdmin and Web JetAdmin software. The 4000 line is also the first of HP's printers to come standard with the company's JetSend technology, which lets printers and scanners exchange information directly, without going through a PC.

Ease-of-use improvements include a new graphical user interface and a "quick set" function that lets users save print-job configuration.

Two open enhanced input/output slots allow connection to print servers, and the 4000 N and 4000 TN models come with HP's JetDirect 600N print server for Ethernet networks.

HP today also released the 600N family of print servers. These are cards (small circuit boards) that plug into HP printers to enable networking of the printers. They are available separately.

The basic 4000 unit costs $1,099. The 4000 T, which has two 250-sheet paper trays instead of one 500-sheet tray, costs $1,249. The 4000 N, which in addition to the print server comes with 8MB of memory (over the basic unit's 4MB), costs $1,399. And the $1,599 TN printer combines the dual paper tray with the increased memory and the print server.