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HP reveals new Asian storage push

Hewlett-Packard announces a new storage strategy for the Asia-Pacific region that combines hardware, software and services.

SINGAPORE--Hewlett-Packard has announced a new storage strategy for the Asia-Pacific region that combines hardware, software and services to manage storage systems as a company grows.

The Palo Alto, Calif.-company unveiled the new strategy, called Federated Storage Area Management (FSAM), during its Asia-Pacific Press Symposium in Singapore on Wednesday.

HP will invest $50 million in the project, mainly in infrastructure resources and services such as software, hardware, research and development (R&D) and localization of systems, said HP Asia Pacific Network Storage Solution marketing manager Subroto Das.

HP will also include certification and testing services of its storage solutions at its Capacity Planning Centers in Singapore, Sydney, Beijing, Seoul and Japan, Das added.

Meanwhile, as part of HP's FSAM strategy, the company will be shipping its Network Storage Appliance (NSA) worldwide next month. HP says NSA is a pretested, configured Windows-based storage network solution that can respond to meet the demand for added storage capacity.

Other storage industry players, including EMC and IBM, have announced similar storage initiatives.

IBM unveiled plans late last year to establish 45 storage area network (SAN) centers in the Asia-Pacific region by the end of 2001.

EMC has SAN labs in Singapore and Tokyo, with another in the works in Sydney by the end of the year, said EMC South Asia regional marketing manager Verdayne Nunis.

Staff writer Nawaz Marican reported from Asia.