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HP ProBook 4510s, 4515s, and 4710s: Leave it to the Pros

HP has announced the 15-inch ProBook 4510s and 4515s, as well as the 17-inch 4710s. Each packs a numeric keyboard and is recyclable. Very professional

HP has unveiled the ProBook series of laptops, the 15-inch 4510s and 4515s, and the larger 4710s. All of them include a numeric keypad, if that's important to you in a laptop, and are designed to be recyclable. So you'll feel okay about yourself when you ditch them for a Mac.

Only kidding, folks! There are two 15.6-inch models, the ProBook 4510s with Intel inside, and the ProBook 4515s with interior decoration by AMD. Both sport 16:9 widescreen, high-definition, LED-backlit displays, HDMI and the aforementioned numeric keypads. As well as standard Wi-Fi, you can add mobile broadband and Bluetooth.

HP 4715s

Next up is a 17.3-inch model, the ProBook 4710s, above, with an ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4330 graphics chip and up to 512MB of GDDR2 for video memory. It packs Intel Core 2 Duo processors.

In a first for its business models, Linux is offered as a pre-installed option as well as Windows. HP has also announced the Intel-packing 4410s AMD-powered 4415s today in the States. HP told Crave these 14-inch models will cross the pond sometime soon.

The laptops are available in a choice of merlot or noir and will start at £345.