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HP plans discounts for student PCs

Savings of 15 percent on new gear for watching movies, playing games and dashing off term papers. Photos: HP student laptops

Hewlett-Packard plans to offer student discounts on new PCs that will help get that paper done in time to take advantage of the extra beer money in your pocket.

Teachers and staff members can also get in on the 15 percent discount program by signing up at HP's Web site, the company announced Wednesday. Only certain colleges and universities are listed as eligible participants at the site. The new PCs will also come with access to support technicians who can remotely diagnose problems by connecting to a PC with the user's permission.

HP student notebooks

Three new notebooks were introduced for students looking for a study aid as well as an entertainment console. The Pavilion dv6000 and the dv9000 notebooks come with, respectively, 15.4-inch and 17-inch wide-screen displays. The dv9000 also has an integrated Webcam, but it weighs a fairly hefty 7.8 pounds. The dv6000 and the Compaq Presario V6000 weigh about 6.5 pounds. All three notebooks use Advanced Micro Devices' chips, including its new dual-core Turion notebook processor. Prices start at $929, before the 15 percent discount.

The new notebooks feature HP's imprint finish design, which was highlighted at a May launch event. The company wants to let its customers add a degree of pizzazz to dull gray or black notebooks through the glossy finish or optional "skins" for a custom finish.

HP also plans to have new desktops and printers available over the coming weeks as students and teachers gear up for the start of another school year. The systems will be available on HP's Web site and in retail stores. PC vendors count on an increase in purchases during July, August and September to boost their third-quarter results.