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HP photo printer carries entire photo collection

HP photo printer carries entire photo collection

One promising product to come out of today's HP announcements is the new high-end compact photo printer, the Photosmart A716. The A716 includes 4GB of memory--admittedly, a relatively small amount--for image storage, plus a USB connector for attaching an external CD/DVD writer. Add the optional battery pack, a full complement of card slots, and wireless networking options, and it's pretty much an all-you-can-eat imaging solution. Yes, Lexmark was the first to offer these capabilities in the Lexmark P450, but Lexmark isn't the first brand that comes to mind when I think of quality photo prints. Or the second. Or at all.

It's still a three-color model, but it uses a new formulation of inks that HP claims yields more durable, water-resistant photos. This model also includes HP's Real Life autofix technologies, and the company claims 39 seconds to print a 4x6, for a cost of 29 cents per print. The printer itself will cost $249 when it ships in August.

update: A second version of the A716 will be available exclusively from Best Buy. The only difference between the A716 and the A717 will be the color: the latter is black and silver.