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HP Labs looking for a few good university researchers

The R&D arm of Hewlett-Packard lays out a new plan for its research projects.

Following its massive overhaul earlier this year, HP Labs will begin a more formal and focused program doing collaborative research with universities.

Beginning Wednesday, the research and development arm of Hewlett-Packard will begin accepting proposals from university researchers anywhere in the world.

Proposals will be accepted until mid-June, then judged and awarded in the fall. The winners will receive a grant ranging from $50,000 to $75,000, which is enough for each professor who wins to hire at least one graduate student, according to HP's Office of Open Innovation.

"In the past, we did a lot of collaboration with universities, but it didn't have the same kind of sharp focus," said Rich Friedrich, director of HP's Open Innovation Office.

The new focus at HP Labs, announced in March, is aligned around a smaller number of subset "labs" and five main areas of research, including information management, cloud computing, transforming analog content to digital, intelligent infrastructures, and sustainability.