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Tech Industry

HP introduces new notebook

The move follows two rounds of OmniBook price cuts.

Hewlett-Packard (HWP) today announced it has added a model to its OmniBook line of notebooks.

HP's Omnibook 2000CS extends the midrange 2000 series by incorporating a 150-MHz Pentium processor with MMX technology. Previously, the 2000 topped out at 133 MHz.

The move follows two rounds of OmniBook price cuts, in August and September. Late last month, HP reduced the cost of an OmniBook 2000CT to $2,695.

HP has said it will also release a new series of standard-sized notebooks this quarter based on the new 200-MHz and 233-MHz Pentium MMX mobile processors unveiled by Intel at the start of September.

The OmniBook 2000CS with a 150-MHz MMX Pentium processor comes with a 2GB hard drive, 16MB RAM, and a 12.1-inch dual scan display. Its expansion bay supports hot-swapping a 20X CD-ROM drive, a floppy drive, and a second battery. Currently shipping, the 2000CS is expected to carry a retail price of about $2,400.