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HP improves low-end server

Hewlett-Packard introduces a new low-end PC server with improved manageability and availability features.

Hewlett-Packard (HWP) introduced a new low-end PC server aimed at small and medium-sized business which will have improved manageability and availability features, the company said today.

The NetServer Pro LD will ship with a 180-MHz Pentium Pro processor, 32MB of ECC memory (expandable to 512MB), and has three PCI slots and 2 EISA slots. The entry-level server will include hot-swappable Ultra-SCSI hard disk drives with a total internal storage capacity of up to 35GB. The system is also board-upgradable to a dual-Pentium Pro processor set-up.

HP says that the new system will come with the OpenView Workgroup Node Manager, which allows the network monitoring and management of network devices from a central desktop.

In related news, HP announced the availability of the HP NetRaid array controller, SureStore digital linear tape (DLT) back-up solutions, and 9GB Ultra-SCSI hard drives for the L-series NetServer systems. The hard drives and DLT systems are currently shipping, and HP expects the NetRaid controller to ship at the end of January.

The NetServer LD Pro Model 1 is expected to have a street price of around $3,399, according to HP.