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HP gives Pavilion and Presario a makeover

In addition to a torrent of new and refreshed business laptops, HP has added two new models to its home and home office lineup--the Presario V3000 and Pavilion dv2000.

HP has upped the ante with the V3000 and dv2000's processor options: you can configure each with an Intel Core Solo or Core Duo processor--or, when it debuts, AMD's dual-core processor. We're glad to see HP continuing to offer consumers a choice of processor, and we can't wait to get a version of each to pit head-to-head.

HP Compaq Presario V3000
Credit: Hewlett-Packard

Having both undergone a significant redesign, the Presario V3000 and Pavilion dv2000 look considerably different from their predecessors and much more similar to each other than previous Presarios and Pavilions. Gone are the familiar matte silver and black cases; instead you get "piano black" and gray, with subtle pinstriping or a "pattern inspired by a Japanese Zen garden."

Both models feature a high-gloss finish that HP says is particularly scratch-resistant.

Looks aside, however, both the Presario V3000 and Pavilion dv2000 stick to the same basic script as previous home and home office HP models. You get a strong set of components and most of the features that a basic home user will want for a competitive price. And as before, the Pavilion is equipped with a few more multimedia features (Webcam, higher-end graphics cards) than the Presario.

The HP Compaq Presario V3000 starts at $999. Click here to read the full CNET review. The HP Pavilion dv2000 starts at $1,150. We're still awaiting our test unit, but look for a full CNET review soon.