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HP gets into Netbook game with Mini 1000

HP gets into the Netbook game with the Mini 1000.

We'd like to say we were pleasantly surprised to see HP announce its new Mini 1000 Netbook Tuesday. Of course we can't, since HP accidentally put a big picture of the new system up on its Web site over the weekend for several hours. Blown surprise aside, the Mini 1000 is now available for online ordering, and we've got a full review and video.

The system wisely cribs from HP's previous Netbook, the business-oriented Mini-Note 2133, using the same wide format to fit in a nearly full-size keyboard that dwarfs every other similar system. It trades the 2133's metal chassis for a more consumer-friendly plastic one, and thankfully adds a standard Intel Atom CPU (the older biz model had a Via CPU).

The big keyboard itself is enough to kick the Mini 1000 into the top tier of Netbooks--it might have even surpassed all competitors if not for some port weirdness.

Read the full review of the HP Mini 1000.