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HP edges away from Itanium, adds x86 to servers

Servers based on Intel's IA-64 processors are losing developers right and left, so HP is hedging its bets with a move toward x86.


HP has said it will add x86 capabilities to its Itanium-based range of servers in a project code-named Odyssey.

The scheme, announced by the company on Wednesday, will see HP develop software and hardware to make x86 chips a better fit for high-end workloads that are typically dealt with by Intel's IA-64 Itanium processor.

HP will make a new range of x86 blade servers that will fit inside the HP Superdome 2 and Itanium versions of the c-Class server chassis. These blades are codenamed DragonHawk and HydraLynx, respectively. The company will also bring some high-end features from its HP-UX Itanium operating system to Linux and Windows software running on x86.

The move comes at an uncertain time for Itanium. Oracle stopped developing new software for the platform in March, following similar moves by Microsoft, Ubuntu and Red Hat in the previous years. In HP's discussion of its fourth quarter of 2011 financial earnings the company picked out Itanium as the primary reason for a 23 percent year-over-year decline in revenues within its Business Critical Systems division.

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