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HP cuts workstation prices

Hewlett-Packard slashes as much as 12 percent off prices on the lower end of its Intel-based Kayak line of workstations.

Hewlett-Packard cut prices as much as 12 percent off the lower end of its Intel-based Kayak line of workstations today.

As reported earlier, HP announced cuts to three Kayak models, the XA, XA-s, and XU. The cuts affect only workstation models using the Pentium II chip, not the Pentium II Xeon chip, spokeswoman Lisa Hahn said.

The cuts are the result of declining component costs as well as HP's efforts to stay competitive, she said.

The low-end Kayak XA, equipped with a 350-MHz Pentium II, 64MB of RAM, and a 4.3GB hard disk, is cut from an estimated street price of $1,900 to $1,820.

The Kayak XU, which features better graphics, processors, and hard disks, as well as support for two processors, got a deeper 12 percent price cut. A system with a single 400-MHz Pentium II, 4.5GB SCSI hard disk, and 64MB of RAM was cut from $3,620 to $3,120.

The workstation systems may sound similar to ordinary PCs, but they feature more memory expandability, options to add multiple processors, better management tools for keeping the system running, superior graphics, and certification to run with certain software applications, Hahn said.

HP also announced today that it will offer graphics systems that can support as many as four monitors in the Kayak XA-s workstation. The system uses the Matrox Productiva G100-Quad graphics card, which occupies only one PCI slot in the computer.

A Kayak XA with 128MB of RAM, a 9.1GB SCSI hard disk, a 450-MHz Pentium II, and the four-monitor support will be available in the beginning of December with an estimated price of $3,638.