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HP, California team up to battle greenhouse gas evildoers

Environmental Printing Program with Goal to Cut Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 500 Tons per Year


Not to be outdone by Samsung, Hewlett-Packard has joined forces with the state of California to put an end to those that would dare to own non-HP printers that, if unchecked, would annually bombard our landfills with tons and tons of print cartridges.

Similar to the Samsung printerectomy, HP will provide an incentive program to state agencies willing to purchase, guess what, HP printers and HP printers alone. After that, it's all about the green as outdated printers get refreshed with new ones, old cartridges get refilled with new ones, and everyone is happy (especially HP).

This is all in an effort to achieve Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's goal to decrease grid-based electricity use in state buildings during the next seven years. "We strive to be green, while saving lots of green," said State and Consumer Services Secretary Rosario Marin. Several agencies have already signed up for the service, including the Employment Development Department, State Treasurer's Office, and Air Resources Board. Be on the look out for idiot-proof collection boxes at state agencies. There's no word yet on what HP plans on doing with competitor's products, maybe a printer robot? The news release is unclear.

If HP somehow manages to persuade everyone to trash their current printers and buy up HP equipment, California is "estimated to recycle as much as 100 tons of HP inkjet and LaserJet print cartridges per year."