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HP, Best Buy team on Windows 7 'home makeover'

Aiming to highlight the value of the Windows PC, Best Buy will sell three PCs--a desktop, laptop, and Netbook--along with a monitor and router for $1,199.

These days, getting a PC for $1,200 is no big deal. Even two PCs for that price is pretty run of the mill.

Starting on Thursday, though, Best Buy will offer for that price a "PC Home Makeover" that includes three PCs--a laptop, desktop and Netbook--as well as a monitor and router. Even in-home Geek Squad set-up is included.

It's one of those screaming deals, that Windows Vice President Tami Reller was referring to when she spoke with CNET News last week. The deal is set to be officially announced on Thursday, although details of the offer were noted on Best Buy's Web site.

The package includes an HP Slimline desktop (model s5212y), an 18;.5-inch monitor, HP mini Netbook as well as a "media-savvy" laptop (model G60-535DX) along with a Netgear 802.11-G router and in-home setup of each of the components.

Microsoft's price advantage vis-a-vis Apple is among the things the company is looking to highlight as it launches Windows 7 on Thursday.

Ahead of Windows 7 launch, Apple on Tuesday announced a fall lineup that includes refreshed Mac Mini, MacBook, and iMacs, but keeps Apple in largely its traditional price range.

PC makers meanwhile, are showing off Windows 7 models ranging from inexpensive Netbooks to high-end gaming models that can fetch several thousand dollars. The notebook category, in particular, is broadening with products that are both cheaper and less pricey than traditional notebooks and yet feature bigger screens than a Netbook.

Nearly every PC maker also has at least one touch-screen all-in-one, with many offering touch-screen laptops as well.

CNET News is live in New York and we'll have tons of stuff from here, including live coverage of the festivities Thursday with CEO Steve Ballmer. Plus, if you still have lingering questions, let me know and I'll try to get answers.