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Tech Industry

HP announces 'Essential' business monitor

HP releases an WLED-backlit business monitor, the LE1901wl. It offers improved power consumption, a thin panel, and mercury-free parts.

The only thing essential about this caption is that the requisite "essential" pun is used. I think that counts as one. HP

You don't see too many business focused monitors with WLED backlights and you see even fewer with relatively small 19-inch screens with WLED backlights.

The HP LE1901wl is just that; a 19-inch business monitor with an WLED backlight. The biggest advantages the LE1901wl offers are a thin panel, lower (than CCFL) power consumption, and mercury-free parts, putting less stress on the environment.

The base specs for the monitor are as follows:

  • 16:10 resolution: 1,440x900 pixels
  • Back tilt
  • VGA connectivity
  • VESA mount compatibility
  • Brightness: 250 cd/M2
  • Contrast ratio: 1,000:1
  • Response time: 5ms

HP also announced its A06 lineup today. Check back for pricing info soon.