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HP announces business-targeted Slate 2, HP 3115m

The Windows tablet sequel and a new 11-inch laptop with an AMD processor are squarely aimed at the business set, while adopting features we've seen on other products.

The HP Slate 2, with dock. HP

Remember the HP Slate? It's back.

HP's tablet that's not the TouchPad was originally released in 2010 as a Windows-based tablet aimed at offering business users an iPad-esque experience, albeit with a capacitive screen that works with an included stylus. The new Slate 2 is still Windows-based, and still business-targeted, with embedded security including a TPM chip.

The 1,024x768 resolution 8.9-inch-screened tablet weighs 1.5 pounds, and has specs like a Windows Netbook: a 1.5GHz Intel Z670 processor, up to 64GB mSATA SSM storage, and a promised 6 hours of battery life, an improvement on the original Slate. Front and rear-facing cameras and an SD card slot are included. Bluetooth 4.0, 802.11n Wi-Fi, and EV-DO/HSDPA Gobi 3000 mobile broadband support cover the bases on communication.

The multitouch display supports finger and pen input, adding a new Swype virtual keyboard. A new folio-style Bluetooth keyboard case is an alternative to the dock, which adds USB 2.0 and HDMI ports. The detachable Bluetooth keyboard accessory can work with both setups.

Windows tablets have a hard time making waves against the iPad and even Android tablets--to put it mildly--but many businesses and services have used Windows tablets to run specific programs. Right now, the Slate 2 is HP's lone tablet.

HP Mini 3115m: a dm1z-alike. HP

In laptop news, HP also announced a business-branded, Windows 7 Professional-running variant on the HP Pavilion dm1z 11-inch laptop that's been so well-reviewed on CNET. The HP 3115m has an AMD Fusion E450 processor, that same 11-inch screen, and Beats audio, which is showing up on every HP product lately.

The Slate 2 will be available later in November, staring at $699, while the HP 3115m will be available November 11 for $429.