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HP 2311x review: A great monitor? Or simply a cheap one?

The HP 2311x includes the connection option trifecta and a low price, but is it any good?

The HP 2311x gets you a 23-inch LED-based monitor, 1080p resolution, with HDMI, DVI, and VGA connections all for $180 or less. That's great, but doesn't necessarily make it good. Eric Franklin/CNET

When considering a new purchase, the importance of price can't be understated. Just attaching a low sticker price to a product can make something not even on your radar suddenly become a must have.

If, like me, you were a Steam customer during the holidays, you'll know exactly what I mean.

For large purchases, however, functionality takes precedence over price. At least for me it does. I've been burned too many times going with the cheaper alternative only to be unsatisfied by the experience it provided.

The HP 2311x got a lot of attention on CNET last year from you guys when Amazon started selling it for $180. It's since dropped even lower. I imagine it's not just the price that intrigues potential buyers, but also the fact that the monitor doesn't gimp you on connections.

So, is the HP 2311x a great monitor, or simply great for its price? Answers are in the full review.

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