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How will Starbucks goof your name? Find out with this Web app

Even if your name's fairly commonplace, some Starbucks baristas will still find a way to goof it up. Find out what your barista might write on your cup the next time you order a mocha frappuccino.

Well, not only would I order that, I would be absolutely baffled if my barista shouted out an order for Apizy. Justin Hook

It's spurred numerousTumblr pages and a pretty hilarious video from a comedian, but no matter how hard they try, Starbucks baristas seem to have a hard time getting people's names right.

Justin Hook, the guy who created the amazing Google Feud game, based on Google autocomplete results, is out with another Web tool that informs all coffee and tea drinkers what their Starbucks name is.

To use the tool, just point your browser to the What's My Starbucks Name website, type in your first name, and click the coffee cup to see a real-life example of how a barista has messed up a customer's name like yours. For example, I am not Anthony when I step foot inside a Starbucks, I am Apizy. Or, at least, that's what some guy behind the counter wrote on my Vanilla Bean Creme Frappuccino.

So, what is your Starbucks name? Check it out for yourself using Hook's website, then report back your goofed-up name in the comments below.