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How will MindSpring deal affect Excite@Home?

Telecommunications giant AT&T finally concedes to open its high-speed cable networks. Yet how will the deal affect its own broadband partner, Excite@Home?


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The telecom giant finally concedes to open its high-speed cable networks to outside ISPs, cutting a deal with MindSpring.

"The only way we make money is if people are on our system."

- AT&T chief executive C. Michael Armstrong


Deal raises questions for Excite@Home
The telecommunications giant's decision to open its high-speed networks deflects some regulatory heat, but could raise new questions about the future of its Net service partner.

High speed pipe dreams?

AT&T to open up high-speed network
AT&T plans to give customers a choice of Internet service providers that wish to use its high-speed Net access services, executives wrote in a letter to the FCC.

Excite@Home tops 1 million, but challenges remain
The high-speed cable Net access company finally earns a place among the nation's larger Internet service providers.