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How well do you know your Super Bowl ads? Quiz yourself

Are you one of those people who can't name the teams playing in the Super Bowl, but remember big- game commercials going back to 1978? Prove it here.

Remember Tackling Terry Tate?

Video screenshot by Danny Gallagher/CNET

The Super Bowl is, well, the Super Bowl for the advertising industry. People who don't even like football will find themselves planted in front of giant TVs because they have an excuse to eat deep-fried chicken treats and things covered with cheese.

To these viewers, the Super Bowl isn't a game. It's four hours of awesome ads wrapped around a lot of running with a concert in the middle. Super Bowl Sunday is probably the only time anyone is overheard saying, "Hand me the remote. I feel like flipping channels until the commercials come back on."

Whether Madison Avenue loves you because you can't get enough advertainment or you just want something fresh for your Facebook page, you should have no problem acing this quiz. We'll give a short description of a memorable Super Bowl commercial, along with a screenshot from the ad that doesn't showcase the product (because that's too much of a gimmie). You tell us which company or product the commercial was advertising.

It's that simple. And if you can't get the first one right, just stick to watching the game this Sunday.