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How we know who's really won the format war: The Blu-ray makeup line

A makeup company unveils its Blu-ray inspired line of cosmetics, targeted at makeup artists who need to adjust to high-definition cameras.

Cargo Cosmetics

HD DVD, just in case you didn't get the word, you're toast. The cosmetics industry says so, and would like to blow you a high-definition kiss goodbye. Mwah.

Well, sort of. Cargo Cosmetics has launched a new line called Blu_ray, designed for makeup artists who need to adapt to high-definition cameras. Design blog Notcot notes that it's marketed toward filming, photography, bridal makeup jobs, and other occurrences where high technology means that the camera really doesn't lie--those HD cameras can highlight any flaw.

In case you were wondering, it's able to skirt copyright regulations by calling itself Blu_ray rather than Blu-ray.