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How to watch a major earthquake test shake a six-story building

The University of California at San Diego plans to rattle a 64-foot structure on its outdoor shake table Wednesday, and you can watch the results live.

This six-story building is ready to be rocked.

Video screenshot by Eric Mack/CNET

Just days after a moderate 5.2 magnitude earthquake rattled the desert inland from Los Angeles and San Diego, the engineering department at the University of California at San Diego plans to conduct what it calls the largest simulated earthquake test Wednesday afternoon.

A six-story building has been constructed on an outdoor shake table at UCSD with support from federal and state government agencies as well as a number of building industry sponsors. The main sponsor is SWS Panel and Truss, builders of the engineered Mid-Rise Cold-Formed Steel Building Wall Systems used to create the test building.

The test will begin around noon PT and will involving shaking the heck out of the structure and also seeing how it holds up to fire. A drone flying inside the building will provide a video feed of what the shaking looks like from the interior. You can also watch the test via this live web video feed. It's probably the best chance you'll have to see what an earthquake (or the set of an action movie) looks like up close without having the freaky experience of what an earthquake feels like up close.