How to train a horse without leaving the car

A modded Ford truck is turned into a mobile racehorse trainer.

Tech Culture

As Crave learned recently, there are some impressive technologies out there to train the novice equestrian. And now we've discovered that there are systems available for the beasts themselves--specifically, those trained to race.

Kurt Systems, which Gizmag describes as a "Turkish racehorse and camel training equipment specialist," has created a mobile racehorse trainer that basically looks like a car with a slot carved right down the middle for the animal and its jockey. This bizarre vehicle, modded from a Ford F150 truck and powered by a Volvo diesel engine, "provides a moving enclosure in which a horse can walk, trot, or gallop in a controlled environment" up to 60 kilometers, or 37 miles, per hour.

There's enough space in the vehicle for a crew of three and various health-monitoring equipment, as well as a silicone saddle that can simulate the weight of a jockey. And for those concerned about the animal's rights, Kurt's general manager says the company's equipment is "horse-welfare sensitive." That, however, doesn't speak to everything else involved in the training process.

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