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How to surreptitiously silence the loud talkers

The "T-1000 Cell Phone Jammer" does just that.


Having gone a full 24 hours since we last complained about obnoxious loud-talkers on their Bluetooth headsets, we're feeling a pent-up need to vent. But instead, we may have found a way to exact delicious revenge instead.

Red Ferret has ferreted out the "T-1000 Cell Phone Jammer," which does exactly what its name indicates: This devilish device promises to surreptitiously "silence every other mobile phone in a 10-foot vicinity for up to an hour," kind of like a cellular version of the "Best Net Guard" for the computer or the "TV-B-Gone" for the telly.

And why does it look like a mobile handset? Simple. So you can pull it out and pretend to be talking while shutting everyone else down.