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How to stay awake and not look like a borg

Latest anti-sleep devices take discreet form.


There are many technologies either on the market or being developed that are meant to keep us from falling asleep at the desk or behind the wheel (or even more embarrassing circumstances that we dare not speculate). But this one, unlike some of the others, doesn't look like a Groucho disguise or a steel plate sticking out of your head. The "Wake-Up Angel" appears to be going for the hearing-aide look with an over-the-ear design.

As with other products, it can be set to vibrate your awake depending on the angle you choose, according to GeekAlerts. Personally, we prefer the competing "Mini Castle" (despite the company's decidedly odd name), which takes an even more discreet earbud-like form. Which, by the way, makes us wonder: When will this function be built into MP3 headphones?