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How to Report a Bug to Apple

The way to be heard is to use the official channel.

Submitting problem reports and solutions to MacFixIt serves a dual-purpose: it helps publicize issues to garner attention from developers (including Apple), and more importantly it allows the quick dissemination of fixes among the reader-base that could otherwise take much longer to make their way into application updates or official statements from developers.

However, it should be noted that Apple also maintains a channel for reporting software bugs that is separate from normal support lines:

This method of contacting Apple can help specific issues gain credence and result in faster turnaround on official fixes. If, for example, everyone disturbed by the periodic audio pops that started with the 10.4.10 update were to register their displeasure directly in this way, Apple might be minded to raise the priority for issuing a corrective patch. The same applies to any problems you believe to have been introduced by Apple's software. Numbers count, so we cannot do this for you: only the overwhelming preponderance of reports can have an effect. So please, do report to us, but also report to Apple.

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