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How to play Mirror's Edge Catalyst five days early

Get hands-on time with DICE's open-world free-running game early.

EA Access and Origin Access subscribers will be able to play a trial of Mirror's Edge Catalyst from June 2, five days ahead of its full launch.

While many previous trials gave subscribers 10 hours to play a new game, Mirror's Edge Catalyst will be limited to six. This is, presumably, to prevent it from being completed within the trial period. Madden 15's trial was also only six hours long.

Although neither EA nor developer DICE have said how long the game will take to complete, it has said the game's open-world city is "huge" and explorable.

GameSpot recently played Catalyst and our hands-on impressions can be found here.

The game was originally expected to launch on May 24, but after a delay, it's now set for launch on June 7 in North America and June 9 in Europe. It will be available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

EA Access will be free for 10 days for all Xbox Live Gold subscribers. The service is available on Xbox One, and a PC version called Origin Access arrived earlier in 2016. You can sign up for $5/month or $30/year, and in return get access to a library of free games, as well as a discount on all EA digital content.

Additionally, EA gives members the opportunity to play most new games five days before they are released publicly. Battlefield 1, for example, will be playable early for subscribers.