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How to own and race four Ferraris at once

RC cars are intricately detailed and come in replicas of four models.


No matter what kind of cars you're into, it can't be denied that there's just nothing like a Ferrari. Even when they're tiny.

Yes, there are other remote-controlled cars that might even go faster, but they'll always be pretenders to the throne in our book. Officially licensed by the racing legend, the "RealDrive Nano" racers come in miniature replicas of the Testarossa, F430, 512BB, and Enzo on a 1/58 scale, according to Technabob.

Intricately detailed, they include LED corner lights and respond to different wavelengths so as many as four can be raced at the same time. But frankly, we're just happy to see the Ferrari nameplate on a product that involves cars for a change.