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How to manage a terabyte of music

Qsonix has the answer--for a price, of course.


There's a funny thing about technology: It's supposed to make life easier, but things just seem to get more complex as time goes on. Still, that's the price you must pay when fanaticism drives you to collect a terabyte of music.

In those extreme cases, something like the Qsonix Q110 may be one of the few solutions to keep life in order (at least as much as can be expected). This touch-screen music management system not only takes care of your archives but can also control four zones independently with their own tunes, volume and other settings, according to Audio Junkies.

It will even recommend and build custom play lists based on moods and themes. Perhaps one of its most impressive features, at least in our view, is the automatic retrieval of album art and liner notes.

And now the bad news--it costs $5,995 to $7,795, for models with storage ranging from 250GB to 1TB. But think of it this way: If we were still back in the days of vinyl, you'd need to a warehouse and a forklift to house all that music.