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How to make your LPs hot again

The Vestax Guber Cube turntable is a work of art

Come on, admit it: You just can't bring yourself to get rid of those old vinyl relics stashed away in the closet. So we say liberate your LPs in style with a world-class turntable--that way, maybe your friends will look past the fact that it's playing Duran Duran. Or not.

No matter what your taste in music, Vestax's Guber Cube will be sure to score at least some points in the aesthetics department. There are just a couple of obstacles, as in location and price. Available only on the Japanese market after its debut in 2004, this stunning machine is now being sold in the United Kingdom but not the United States.

And according to Hiendfi, only 50 of them are being produced. But considering its price (well over $1,000), meeting demand might not be such a problem.

(Photo: Hiendfi)