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How to hold an iPad comfortably in one hand

These five cases add a strap or band to the back of your tablet, thus making it more like an extension of your hand rather than something that easily slips out of it.

The ModulR Hand Strap
The ModulR Hand Strap ModulR

Last year I reviewed an iPad case called the Brenthaven 5-in-1. One of its best features was a stretchy rear band that made for a more secure and comfortable one-handed grip.

I've since moved on to the Vario iPad case, which is still my favorite, but I really miss that strap. After all, the iPad is a heavy, bulky piece of gear, and I find it uncomfortable to hold for long periods. Plus, it's pretty easy to drop if you're one-handing it.

Fortunately, there are products designed solely to make gripping an iPad easier, more comfortable, and more secure. (And as my colleague Seth Rosenblatt pointed out, they'll turn your iPad into a decent ping-pong paddle, too.) Take a look.

Griffin AirStrap: It's a twofer: a heavy-duty molded case for your iPad with a wide neoprene strap at the back. It normally costs $49.99, but it's currently on sale for $39.99.


FreeOneHand: You can't quite slip your whole hand into the odd-looking knob that protrudes from the back of this holder/stand, but you can snake your fingers into and around it for more or less the same result. Plus, you can grip the knob, though that sounds like it would get tiring pretty quickly. It's $39.94.

ModulR Hand Strap: Arguably the most versatile option out there, this case/strap combo lets you orient the strap between opposite or same-side corners--whichever you find more comfortable. Plus, the size of the strap itself is adjustable, unlike others in this group. And the whole thing's a bargain at $14.99. Update: The strap costs $14.99, while the case is $49.99.

The Pad Strap: It's an elastic band held together by two leather pockets that hook over opposite corners of the iPad. It works with the iPad 2 as well, though developer CarpioLab says the current version will block the rear camera when used by lefties (gripping with their right hands). The next manufacturing run will correct this problem. The Pad Strap is $34.95.

The X-Band: It's kind of like a four-corner version of the Pad Strap, but with a stretchy X criss-crossing the back of the iPad for vertical or horizontal hand insertion. It's available in half a dozen colors, and sells for $19.99.

If you've found a better way to hold your iPad comfortably in one hand, tell me about it in the comments!