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How to get the free back massage you deserve

It's about time our kids earned their keep. Sick of your tykes taking you for granted? You'll need one of these T-shirts.

Play Mat tee
Like a visit to a spa, but with more quality time. Photo by Lauren Grace Vitiello

Bky kid makes it even easier for children to run all over their parents, in a good way, with its cool line of Play Mat T-shirts. Each tee has a fun track printed on the back, so kids can run their toy trucks and trains all over them, inadvertently giving grown-ups a massage of sorts.

"One day, my then 16-month-old was wheeling her wooden train on my back, and I thought, 'Wow! that feels good!' I wrote an email to an artistic friend saying he should design a shirt with roads printed on the back so kids could give their parents back massages while they play. So he did!," writes Becky, owner of bky kid. "He gave careful thought to which features to include and which colors to incorporate, all to entice your little one to have fun while giving you a massage."

These specially designed shirts are available at the bky kid Etsy shop in sizes for men and women, at around $23 (roughly £14, AU$25). Take a look, there's even a space-themed glow-in-the dark version. (!)