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How to get a PlayStation 3 for $100

Yep, there's a catch or two, but if you're the patient, credit-card-using sort, you'll ultimately walk away with a new PS3 for $99.99. Of course, it's a Blu-ray player, too.

Switch to Sony's Visa card for a few months and get $300 back on a PlayStation 3. Sony

Some deals you have to work at, like sending in a rebate form or driving to a store. Then there's the $100 Sony PlayStation 3. It's a real deal, but with three hoops you have to jump through.

Here's how it works. First, you sign up for Sony's new, no-annual-fee PlayStation Visa card (click the above link), which offers instant online approval. Next, head to and order an 80GB PlayStation 3 for $399.99.

Sometime in the next 8-12 weeks, Sony will issue you a $100 credit, bringing your net cost down to $299.99.

In the interim (i.e., within three months), if you charge another $1,500 on your PlayStation card, you'll receive another $100 credit. And by charging another $1,500 before the six-month mark, you'll get a third $100 credit.

That brings your total PlayStation 3 cost to $99.99. So ultimately, you're getting 300 bucks' worth of credits (which are as good as cash, IMHO) by using Sony's Visa card for a few months. If you typically charge at least $500 per month anyway, why not make the switch?

Like I said, some deals involve a bit of work. This is without a doubt the best price you'll ever see on a new PlayStation 3, even if does require the full amount (and then some) up front.

What do you think? Worth the effort? Or too much hoop-jumping?