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How to fake an Instagram girlfriend using nail polish

A young Japanese photographer demonstrates how to make it look like you have an adoring girlfriend using little more than a smartphone and Instagram.

Jinushi posing
For the moment, this young man's true love is his right hand. Keisuke Jinushi

Japanese photographer Keisuke Jinushi appears to have a doting girlfriend. Check his Instagram stream and you'll see her manicured hand feeding him snacks in a cafe, wiping jam off his lips, and pinching his cheeks. Aw, young love. There's a good reason you never see the rest of this mystery lady. His girlfriend is just his right hand.

Jinushi posted a tutorial on how to fake a lady love using nail polish, a little bit of fabric, a smartphone, Instagram, and some careful posing.

The process is fairly simple, but it takes some daring and a willingness to look silly to pull it off. First, you have to doll up your hand with nail polish, makeup, and some girly fabric around the wrist. The goal is to disguise your man-hand as much as possible.

For the next step, Jinushi went out in public to add verisimilitude to his Instagram snapshots. By holding the camera close with his other hand, he was able to take photos that look like a hidden girlfriend is feeding him pastries and squeezing his cheeks.

What are the advantages to having an Instragram-only girlfriend? There are many. You only have to pay for one person when you go out on a date. It's slightly less embarrassing than stepping out in public with a blow-up doll. You will never forget your anniversary when you can just check the dates on your Instagram uploads.

Is Jinushi's project sad, clever, or both? You make the call.

(Via Design Taxi)