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How to embarrass Fido: a $30K Hello Kitty doghouse

Awful, awful, awful piece of pet furniture sells in Tokyo department store.

Ewwwwwww. Born Rich

On my list of "least favorite animals," Paris Hilton-style lapdogs rank up there with mosquitos and cockroaches--in fact, compared to overly groomed Chihuahuas, I think roaches are kinda cute. (They'll be even cuter once Pixar makes a musical movie about them, which will probably be in about three years, judging by recent trends in animated films.) And the more spoiled they are, the uglier they are. Hence my revulsion at this crystal-encrusted "doghouse," designed for a special department store event in (where else) Tokyo, which is really more like an ornate display case for small canines.

And to make matters worse? It's got Hello Kitty on it. Never mind the cascades of 7,600 glitzy crystals, the Pepto-Bismol-pink cushion, or the $31,660 price tag. This wretched piece of pet furniture is elevated to the utmost degree of godawfultude by the fact that it displays the face of Hello freaking Kitty. I don't mind the "cat of doom" in small quantities (unlike some people), but anything involving bling gets serious disapproval.

Any self-respecting dog, even a small and obnoxious one, ought to be thoroughly humiliated. Or he should, at least, scratch the hell out of it.

(Via Born Rich)