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How to control your iPhone with your brain

A new product called the XWave claims that it allows you to control your iPad, iPhone or iPod just by thinking hard. Can it possibly work?

Science is moving faster than you are. Think about it. No, really think about it.

And when you do, see if you can make your brain waves move some of the icons on your iPhone or iPad. No can do? Oh, yes you can.

At least that is the claim of the frightfully ambitious people who have created the XWave. This is not some mysterious means by which everyone with an iPad is suddenly made to raise their arms in the air and pretend they are at a World Cup soccer game. No, this is a product that claims to allow you to control your Apple gadget with the innermost innards of your thought process.

The XWave is not a pretty device. It makes users look like they are part of a very quirky lobotomy experiment in 24-hour telemarketing. Yet its claims are beautiful. PLX Devices, the company which was left to its own devices to come up with this freaky little thing, claims on its Web site that "XWave allows you to control your mind and the world around it."

A heady assertion indeed for something that clips onto your head and into your iPad, iPhone, or even iPod. But not yet your iBall.

The design is allegedly founded on very fine science. Apparently, the XWave "senses the faintest electrical impulses transmitted through your skull to the surface of your forehead and converts these analog signals into digital signals." Who'd have thunk it?

The delightful headset, coupled with free apps, helps you to "train your brain to control its attention and meditations levels." There are those who will say: "But I only have one attention and meditation level and that suits me just fine." XWave will reply that this will broaden your mind to a degree you had never fathomed.

You might use your mind to raise an eyebrow at the idea that you could, in concert with, say, your iPad, raise a ball on its screen using just your brain waves. However, if we're really talking concerts, XWave offers another app called XWave Tunes which, allegedly, enables users to "connect with each other through the music that stimulates their brainwaves."

I believe that is the same method that the Sex Pistols, the Flaming Lips, and the Pussycat Dolls were created, though I cannot be entirely sure.

Who would not wish to cross this new frontier and enter the world of mind control? Soon, you will be using your XWave and your iDevice to cook, clean and brush your teeth. I wonder if, one day, you'll be able to use your XWave to steal an iPhone prototype in a bar.